Via Alessandro Volta, 7 - 06010 Pistrino, Citerna (PG) – Italy
Between handcraft and technology

Profashion Srl is specialized in the processing of stretch fabrics, light fabrics and sweatshirts, producing all types of clothing that require these fabrics for example t-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts etc.
The magic surrounding the clothing we produce for our clients comes from a skilful blend of expert tailors and advanced technology equipment.


The reason of our work goes beyond the quality of clothing, which we ensure with a proven internal protocol. The reason to us, comes from the pride of being a small Italian company, that gained the trust of famous national and international fashion brands and each day we work towards confirming it.


Profashion srl offers clients its experience, providing high quality standards. It avails itself the collaboration of trustworthy and qualified external companies for the execution of clothing, printing, embroidery and dyeing.

Matching the creativity of our clients we produce exclusive creations in jersey that are able to satisfy the needs and desires of national and international designers who we work for.

Elisa and Laura Acquisti
CEO Founders Profashion Srl

“We were raised in the midst of fabrics, clothing samples, scissors, needle and thread: taking over the family business was a natural choice for us. Today, we run it with a technical know-how and creative sensitivity, while remaining constantly updated with the fashion world. Carrying on the family business is an honour for us. This is not just work but it is our world.”

2016 – The birth of Profashion Srl in Pistrino, Municipality of Citerna, in the province of Perugia. The company was founded by sisters, Elisa and Laura Acquisti who were raised in the midst of fabrics, clothing samples, needles and thread. Having grown up in this environment it was natural for the sisters to take over the family business and to carry on the passion and love inherited from their mother, Paola, who has been working in this sector for over 35 years, thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of their father, Bruno.

2017 – The constant upgrade and a CAD pattern making machine in the company become a propelling part, giving life to a strategic change of great impact for the future of the company.

2018 – The processing under contract of products in jersey and light fabrics becomes increasingly important for the development of the company.

2019 – The company designs and launches an internal and external restructuring to continue ensuring its efficiency, quality and safety.

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